FinScope FOCUS 1: Women and Financial Inclusion in Zambia

FinScope FOCUS 1: Women and Financial Inclusion in Zambia

The FinScope FOCUS series consolidates and synthesises data and information from the FinScope 2015 survey conducted in Zambia in March 2015. It is then combined with other relevant data and information, much of it qualitative, to share in-depth findings and analysis on various topics related to financial inclusion.

Women and Financial Inclusion in Zambia examines the state of women’s financial inclusion, compares their financial inclusion to that experienced by male counterparts, and highlights how women’s more generally disadvantaged situation leads to greater exclusion in access to and usage of financial services. The specific objectives of this paper are to capture and share learnings around:

  • Current financial inclusion statistics as they pertain to women and men
  • The different types of financial management that women and men undertake for day-to-day cash flow management, risk management and investing in asset building and productive activities;
  • The ability of women and men to access available financial services as a result of eligibility, perceived proximity and awareness/knowledge of available services;
  • Women and men’s use of financial services-money transfer, savings, credit and insurance and how they differ;
  • Women and men’s financial behaviour and where/how they access financial services

The FinScope FOCUS series outlined on page 4 has been modified as of 30 August 2017 to accurately address current market needs. These reports will be released under different names but addressing the same themes beginning October 2017.

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About the Author

Financial Sector Deepening Zambia (FSDZ) is a development organisation that seeks to expand and deepen the financial market throughout Zambia. We work with financial service providers, policy makers and civil society to expand Zambia’s financial sector, making the market more robust, efficient and, above all, inclusive. We use funding, research and technical expertise to strengthen the financial sector and the capacity of our partners to improve access to financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises, smallholder farmers and low-income households.